Delbros Inc.

delbros-inc-padThe milestones of our story which started more than seventy years ago.

In 1946 the year the Philippines was recognized for its independence, Antonio C. Delgado introduced the “Caltex Floating Station”, a pioneering service of delivering fuel and water to ships moored in Manila Bay.

By 1949, a new company called Delgado Brothers Incorporated or Delbros was established by Antonio together with his brothers Jose and Francisco.

In the 50’s, Delbros was awarded the right to operate the arrastre service in the Port of Manila. The company pioneered the use of the “pallet system” which mechanized, for the first time, the operations in the Port of Manila.

In the 60’s, Delbros pioneered the use of containers, which elevated the quality of international cargo handling in the Philippines.

In the 70’s, despite nationwide political, social and economic turmoil, Delbros went on to expand its operations and to build the largest fully-integrated transportation company in the Philippines, offering air, land, and sea freight forwarding service.

During the Vietnam War, Delbros was also the country’s largest military mover.

In the 80’s, Delbros became a TOTAL TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. The multimodal concept, which it pioneered, offered door-to-door service for cargo shipments, from small letter envelopes to heavy machinery. Service capability went nationwide with the opening of Delbros offices in major provincial capitals around the country. 

By the mid 90’s, Delbros became the FIRST TOTAL LOGISTICS COMPANY IN THE PHILIPPINES and the first company internationally to develop a DIRECT-TO-OWNER VISA COURIER SERVICE for the US Embassy.

In 2007, Delbros made the hard decision to divest its warehousing and local delivery operations in order to streamline the Group’s operations. THIS INCLUDED PARTS OF CBW 124 LOGISTICS GATEWAY, Delbros INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CORPORATION, Delbros SUBIC, and Delbros CLARK. The company has since refocused on managing its license operations and REMAINING logistics facilities ACROSS THE COUNTRY.


cakeboxxlogoCakeBoxx Technologies pioneered the innovative door-less “deck and lid” cargo shipping containers that offer unmatched
security, structural integrity, and supply chain

CakeBoxx is the only shipping container model in the global transportation industry considered as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Its unique “deck and lid” design eliminated the dangers posed by traditional shipping containers, including theft and piracy, unsafe loading practices in cramped spaces, and time-consuming loading process due to a single entry point in containers.

Delbros invested in CakeBoxx Technologies in line with its continued efforts to innovate, expand, and improve the way it delivers its services. Currently, the company have EQUITIES IN CAKEBOXX TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL and CAKEBOXX TECHNOLOGIES ASIA PACIFIC.

Deliver EZ

Taking another step towards innovation, Delbros invests in Deliver-EZ, a robotics and last block logistics company that offers an innovative Application Delivery as a Service (ADaaS) platform. It provides customized and flexible solutions to how online purchases are delivered by giving consumers control on when and how to receive their packages.

One of the company’s breakthrough solutions is developing commercial delivery drones for faster and efficient delivery services, and is in the process of working with partners and regulatory agencies to create systems, standards and infrastructure for safe, reliable, and profitable commercial drone operations.
Deliver-EZ seamlessly integrates their operations into smart communities, enhancing resident lifestyles with flexible delivery options, 24/7 connectivity, improved safety, and increased green living.