A growing player in the field of technology

As part of its continued effort to explore promising industries, Delbros invests its resources in areas that are relatively new and unconventional.

Beyond Eurekloud and Troll Trailers, Delbros has its own blockchain lab to study as well as develop cryptocurrency and relevant tech contributing to the emerging digital economy in the country.

  • Eurekloud is a platform that serves as a launchpad for promising startups in unconventional industries. It helps early-stage companies with the essential groundwork and guidance needed to get them started, which are done through ideation, business infrastructure development, and funding.

    Apart from these three key areas, startup companies are also given a physical space that they can utilize to launch their business, known as the Eurekloud Hub. The hub is a fun, dynamic, and creative space where startup owners can interact, exchange and challenge each other’s thoughts, allowing them constant exposure to a highly entrepreneurial environment that further sparks their imagination and gives birth to disruptive ideas.

    Eurekloud’s portfolio currently includes companies engaged in Digital PR, Fintech and Blockchain, Agri-Technology, and Inventory Management.

  • Created in 2004, Troll Trailers is a company that produces standardized products for the Philippine chassis leasing industry. Its US-based engineers ensure reliable quality designs, while its local and Chinese partners manufacture and distribute all truck and trailer parts. With its three major regional hubs: Manila, Davao, and Cebu, the company is able to ship, service, and store products – everything from compression tubing to landing gears, and used tires.

    Troll Trailers continues to invest in advanced technology, skilled professionals, and logistics infrastructures. Skilled professionals allow them to gain insight on how to improve existing products as well as envision how to create new ones. Advanced tech and logistics infrastructures let them provide value-added services such as testing, fabrication, and finishing. As a result, the company is able to fully understand and respond to its customers’ needs in the most efficient and effective way possible.