Logistics and Transportation

A solidified reputation in the logistics industry

Hinging on its pioneering fully-integrated services, Delbros Inc.expanded its expertise through the years to improve and better logistics and transportation operations in the Philippines. The company intends to advance alongside the industry with its valuable entities.

UPS-Delbros branches out to the international scene with supply chain management and e-commerce. Cane Express contributes to the revolution of the Philippines’ sugarcane industry with advanced tech. Delbros Motors ensures seamless processes in all automotive dealings. Delbros Leasing offers nationwide repair and rescue, equipment leasing, tracking, and other related services to support core leasing operations.

  • The company that started it all, Delbros Inc., has broken ground in the logistics and transportation industry for more than 70 years.

    From the Caltex Floating Station, a pioneering service of delivering fuel and water to ships moored in Manila Bay; to the pallet system, which mechanized operations in the Port of Manila for the first time, Delbros Inc. kept thinking ahead as a vital means to grow and progress.

    It pioneered the use of containers, elevating the quality of international cargo in the Philippines. It built the largest fully-integrated company in the country, offering air, land, and sea freight forwarding services, and managed to become the largest military mover as well. It also became a Total Transportation Company with its multimodal concept, which it pioneered, providing door-to-door service for cargo shipments, from small letter envelopes to heavy machinery. Moreover, it was the first Total Logistics Company in the Philippines and the first company internationally to develop a direct-to-owner visa courier service for the US Embassy.

    Although Delbros Inc. had to divest its warehousing and local delivery operations in 2007, the company has since refocused on managing its license operations and remaining logistics facilities across the country through the following entities: CBW 124 Logistics Gateway, Delbros International Logistics Corporation, Delbros Subic, and Delbros Clark.

  • UPS-Delbros is a subsidiary of the internationally renowned United Parcel Service (UPS). With more than 100 years of service in logistics, supply chain management, and e-commerce, UPS shares its franchise with UPS-Delbros.

    In 1988, UPS Worldwide Forwarding Inc. and Delbros entered into a Service Agreement that lasted until 1997, when a joint venture agreement was executed between the two companies to become the first major and currently only, privately held, joint venture of any of the big three worldwide logistics companies (UPS, FedEx, DHL).

    UPS-Delbros offers services for time-definite delivery of packages and documents, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, fulfillment, returns, financial transactions, and even repairs. It also provides less-than-truckload transportation services. Along with other subsidiaries of UPS International, it operates from multiple facilities across the National Capital Region and Cebu, managing aircraft and delivery operations, regional call centers, accounting services, and public bonded warehouses.

    With a solid reputation, proven track record, and the constant improvement and expansion of services, UPS-Delbros has a bright future in the Philippines and continually strengthens its position in the local and regional market.

  • As Delbros’ farm solutions partner, Cane Express (CaneX) is revolutionizing the Philippines’ sugarcane industry by deploying highly mechanized sugarcane tractors - the largest cane carriers available in the market today.

    Through the triple axle Intermodal Trailers, CaneX pioneered the “drag and drop” farming model in the country, which has the capacity to haul maximum possible loads, significantly improving the harvesting, loading, and hauling process of sugarcanes. The innovative cane carriers are specifically designed for Philippine agricultural conditions and can shorten the hauling process in as little as one day, allowing farmers to focus on growing their crops and for sugar mills to consistently receive the freshest sugarcane possible.

    CaneX’s fleet currently consists of 8 loaders, 12 harvesters, and 33 sugar cane trailers. Its farming model is operational and growing rapidly in various sugarcane farms in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Through CaneX, Delbros takes an integral step to support and strengthen the sugarcane industry and prevent its further liberalization by continuously mechanizing and modernizing agricultural practices.

  • Delbros Motors is the unit that provides a comprehensive automotive fleet management solution across all the Delbros companies.

    Its main purpose is to serve as the overall management and maintenance unit for Delbros’ growing fleet of vehicles, covering maintenance, repair, and purchase for all of the company’s automotive needs. It caters to a wide range of services: executive car services, rescue trucks services, express delivery trucks services, shuttle services, and other transport requirements. This unit also does trucking and transport services for the movement of break bulk goods and containerized cargo.

    Due to Delbros’ vehicular investments in land, water, and air, Delbros Motors ensures its seamless operations across various business industries.

  • Delbros Leasing is an industry leader in leasing, maintaining, manufacturing, managing and selling of intermodal chassis, generator sets and containers in the country.

    It is the first and only company that can provide a nationwide roll-on-roll-off chassis hitch service, enabling chassis accessibility across the whole archipelago. This serves as the backbone for the country’s logistics needs. Delbros Leasing offers nationwide repair and rescue, equipment leasing, tracking, and other related services to support the core leasing operations. Presently, Delbros has the largest nationwide fleet which is on its way to becoming fully digital through its implementation of LORA and GPS enabled devices on all units