Dedicated to providing our clients with investment solutions and expertise in Modern Agriculture and Food Technology

Delbros Investments aims to seek long term strategic investments for the Delbros Group. The subsidiary has interests in a range of companies that are aligned with the investment principles of the whole group.

  • This flagship company houses the logistics and transport-related investments and high capital fleet investments of the group. Delbros Capital holds the following investments: Delbros Leasing, Delgado Brothers Motors and Cane X and Cane X FS. The unit’s main purpose is to serve as the overall management and maintenance unit for the Group’s growing fleet of vehicles, covering maintenance, repair, and purchase for all of the company’s automotive needs. Delbros Capital is also looking for investments in logistics-related companies focusing on mobility and drones as part of its long-term investment strategy.

  • Knowledge Management Systems and Technologies (KMST). Incorporated in 2009, KMST invests in start-up corporations and new technologies. The future of KMST company is focused on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence and has investments in the following industries: Logistics, Container Manufacturing, Cloud Based Services, Hauling, Telecommunication Applications, and Renewables.

  • Real Estate

    Delbros manages a diverse portfolio of real estate properties that are either used to support the company’s operations across various business industries or are maintained for development or land banking purposes. The Group uses the majority of these land assets for industrial, commercial, agricultural (vertical and traditional farms), and residential purposes.