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Delbros Group through the Years

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Delgado Brothers Hotel Corporation

In the late 1960 into the 1970s, the Delgado Brothers Hotel Corporation (DBHC) owned and managed the Manila Hilton, the first five star hotel in the Philippines and then tallest building in the country.

Mr. Colgate Holmes, the Manila Hilton opening general manager, with Marilou Mabilangan and Henry Schielein conferring with the designers of the Hilton uniforms Pitoy Moreno Aureo Alonzo and Ben Farrales.

Marimil Hernandez modeling the uniform of Cafe Coquilla, a restaurant at the Manila Hilton.

Mr. Colgate Holmes, the Manila Hilton opening general manager, with his first executive secretary Lita Bueno-Potassy.

Delgado Brothers Inc.

In 1949, Delgado Brothers Inc. (DBI) was established by Antonio C. Delgado, whose leadership transformed Delbros into the largest fully integrated transportation company in the Philippines.

Delbros Trucking Group (Delbros Motors), Manila Fleet circa 1950’s

Delbros Port of Manila Operations

Antonio C. Delgado at his Port of Manila office

CSR Activities

Delbros Group is committed to supporting the development of Filipino communities.

MOA Signing of Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation and Petron Foundation. Sa Aklat Sisikat is a literacy campaign founded by Margarita L. Delgado and Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Zobel. Teach for the Philippines, one of the foundations currently supported by Delbros Group, stands on the shoulders of Sa Aklat Sisikat, aiming to expand its impact by building a nation of readers and transforming the public school system to become the best that it can be.

Jose Paolo Delgado, current Managing Director of Delbros Group, with another Renovate to Educate (rED) volunteer at a public school renovation activity.

Delbros Leasing employees volunteering at a Renovate to Educate (rED) public school renovation activity.