One of the country’s pioneers in agriculture innovation

Delbros develops the future of agriculture with advanced farming methods and long-term strategic investments in vertical as well as corporate farming.

  • Delbros Investments has made a commitment to expand into future foods and modern agriculture, making it one of the group’s most forward-thinking arms. Currently, it is interested in forging partnerships and seeking investments in corporate farming. With an aim to grow high-quality vegetables in vertical gardens, it utilizes advanced methods in farming while keeping an eye towards the future.

  • Good Greens is the largest vertical farm solutions provider in the country, and is a leader in this field globally. This company aims to bring consistently fresh, high-quality produce to urban homes by building farms in the core of these communities. It does this by taking accessible fresh produce straight into the heart of the cities. The company aims to grow day-to-day vegetables, ​”good greens​”, to be able to conveniently provide communities with legitimately fresh, consistently high-quality produce cheaper than those in grocery stores. What also sets the company apart is its incorporation of a rotating carousel model with aeroponics, a more advanced technique used in vertical farming. The company has four fully functioning farms, with the Navotas branch popularized in the news due to the expansion of 12 towers, the tallest in Metro Manila, were celebrated in 2021.