Delbros holds offices in China where it has developed a strong manufacturing arm for its various business ventures where structures and machinery are sourced for local use in the Group’s various ventures.

One of the Group’s major partners in China is Troll Trailers, a company with a solid reputation in providing quality and cost effective truck and trailer parts and whose aim is to standardize the chassis leasing industry in the Philippines. Troll Trailers is Delbros’ partner for manufacturing trucks, trailers, loaders, harvesters, and other spare part needs.

Apart from maintaining an office in Beijing, the Group makes use of its presence in China by providing cross-border opportunities for its management team, staff, and partners. Delbros sends its Filipino managers and workers in China for training, and also brings in Chinese technicians from its manufacturing suppliers to the country, with the goal to provide training opportunities and better understanding of the interrelation of the two markets.