delbros-investment-padThe Delgado Brothers Investments (DBIC) or Delbros Investments aims to seek long term strategic investments and partnerships for the Delbros Group.

Currently, DBIC is interested in forging partnerships and seeking investments particular to corporate farming.

Good Greens

good-greens-coIn a move to revolutionize the process of its food production drive, Delbros introduced the first ever autonomous and vertical aeroponic farms in the Philippines through GOOD GREENS & CO.

Standing at two to five storeys tall, the cutting edge and highly advanced agricultural model aims to make the farm-to-table process faster and more efficient by producing and sourcing food directly within the heart of the urban communities that need it the most, eliminating the barriers faced by the farming industry in bringing fresh produce to the consumers in a timely manner.

As the country’s first, Good Greens is able to provide trailblazing sustainable solutions to address the continued rise of vegetable prices and the need to consistently put good quality food in the table of Filipinos.

Established in 2018 with its first location in Taguig, Good Greens envisions to set the direction of the future of the agriculture industry. The company aims to build a total of 25 urban farms nationwide in locations such as Pampanga, Bacolod, Davao, and Siargao in the immediate future.

To visit the main Good Greens +Co. site click here.