DELBROS-leasing-logo-padEven before the official establishment of Delbros Leasing, Delbros shared a long history with the Port of Manila.

In 1949, the year the company won the bid to operate the port, it assisted the government with free services to address the unexpected port traffic caused by growth as a result of large foreign investments. Delbros offered free labor and deliveries to Filipinos when it was most needed after the war. This demand for port services led to the establishment of a more specialized company focused on container transport.

On June 10, 1981, under Jose Roberto C. Delgado, Delbros signed a joint venture agreement with the American company, Flexi Van Leasing, Inc., to form a new company: Flexi-Van Leasing Philippines, Inc. With humble beginnings of 100 chassis, Delbros leased, repaired, imported, and purchased standardized equipment for container transport.

In 1989, Delbros agreed to take on a new minority partner to replace Flexi Van Leasing, Inc. Through the management and support of the Group, Delbros Leasing grew from a fleet of 240 chassis to over 1,000 by 2013.

Presently, Delbros has developed the largest chassis fleet in the country with over 3,000 units and a fleet investment of over 30,000,000 USD, serving fifteen (15) major yards in ports throughout the country. We are the first and only company that can provide a nationwide roll-on-roll-off chassis hitch service, making our chassis accessible across the whole archipelago. This serves as the backbone for the country’s logistics needs. Delbros Leasing offers nationwide repair and rescue, equipment leasing, tracking, and other related services to support the core leasing operations.

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