eurekloudEurekloud is a platform that serves as a launchpad for promising startups in risky and unconventional industries, not traditional

It helps early-stage companies with the essential groundwork and guidance needed to get them started, which are done through IDEATION, BUSINESS INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT, and FUNDING.

In the ideation stage, Eurekloud guides startups in building and firming up business ideas by providing mentorship and other forms of coaching from its partners and top executives.

During the business infrastructure development phase, Eurekloud helps startups craft a feasible business model to strengthen their operations, minimize distractions, and avoid costly mistakes.

In the funding phase, startups are granted with a committed monetary investment, allowing them to focus on building their product, and not worry about the financial side of their business.

Apart from these three key areas, startup companies are also given a physical space that they can use to launch their business, dubbed as the EUREKLOUD HUB. The hub aims to serve as a fun and dynamic creative space — a science lab for ideas — where startup owners can interact, exchange and challenge each other’s thoughts, and be constantly exposed to a highly entrepreneurial environment that would further spark their imagination and give birth to   disruptive ideas.

Eurekloud allots a 2-year evaluation period to study the performance of a startup. Based on its performance, Eurekloud will help identify success points or make adjustments to areas that are ineffective and need improvement.

Eurekloud’s portfolio is currently invested in companies engaged in DIGITAL PR, FINTECH AND BLOCKCHAIN, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, AGRI-TECHNOLOGY, and INVENTORY MANAGEMENT.

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Blockchain Lab

Delbros sets its sights on Cryptocurrency by building its own Blockchain Lab to study and develop the emerging technology in digital economy in the country.

As part of its continued effort to explore promising industries, the Group is investing resources in an area that is relatively new and unconventional to the financial technology industry.