canex_redDelbros and its farm solutions partner, Cane Express (CaneX), are revolutionizing the Philippines’ sugarcane industry by deploying highly mechanized sugarcane tractors — the largest cane carriers available in the market today.

Through the triple axle Intermodal Trailers that stand at 48 feet, Delbros and CaneX are able to pioneer the “drag and drop” farming model in the country, which has the capacity to haul maximum possible loads, significantly improving the harvesting, loading, and hauling process of sugarcanes.

The innovative cane carriers are specifically designed for Philippine agricultural conditions and can shorten the hauling process in as little as one day, as compared to the usual two to three days using traditional and older truck models. This allows farmers to focus on growing their crops and for sugar mills to consistently receive the freshest sugarcane possible.

The farming model used by CaneX is currently operational and growing rapidly in various sugarcane farms in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, with the Group planning to double the number of its tractors in the next two years. Ultimately, it aims to address two of the main challenges that the Philippine sugarcane industry is facing: high production costs and inadequate financial capacity.

Through CaneX, Delbros takes a significant step to back and support the sugarcane industry and prevent its further liberalization by continuously mechanizing and modernizing agricultural practices.

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