KMST Ventures

KMST 02 copyKnowledge Management Systems and Technologies (KMST) invests in high-risk startup corporations and new technologies across different industries that manifest a common denominator: potential.

It prides itself in providing a great jump-off point for individuals and companies with a STRONG VISION, CREATIVE MINDS, and PROMISING PROJECTS through committed investments.

Particularly focused on startups that have already established their footing, KMST provides financial resources that enable them to strengthen their operations and accelerate their growth.

KMST gives total jurisdiction and flexibility to the company over decision making and business operations, which empowers them and gives them the liberty to scale up and grow their business in their own capacity.

KMST is interested in funding and investing in projects that fall under the industries of LOGISTICS, AGRICULTURE, MANUFACTURING, ROBOTICS, TRADING, and RENEWABLES.

If you are a passionate and aspiring individual or entrepreneur, get in touch with us and let’s see how we can help you launch your dream venture.