The Delgado family has a long history with the Philippines and the world: from Generals and entrepreneurs, to statesmen and religious champions.

The Delbros Archives chronicles the story of the family and the company as it strives, from generation to generation, to make a lasting impact to its stakeholders, the country, and humankind.

It began with the purpose to serve as the archiving arm of the company, as well as manage the donations of the various members of the family and other donors.

Through the years, the Delbros Archives was able to accumulate and collect over 30,000 (and constantly growing) carefully stored, restored, physical and digitized materials that include artifacts about the Delgado family from as early as the 1600’s, artifacts from various Delbros companies, antique implements and machinery for logistics and shipping, assorted Filipiniana materials, art memorabilia, articles, and reference materials.

Delbros also owns a collection of over 20 (and still growing) antique automobiles from the late 1950’s and still-functioning cars from the early 1980’s that the company uses on special occasions.

The archiving department is responsible for preserving Delbros’ history and keeping the memories of the family alive for the next generations to come.