Through the years, Delbros has been consistently challenging itself to establish best practices that would not only grow its business, but also positively influence and contribute to the communities where it operates in.

Delbros takes inspiration from the UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGs) and uses them as a blueprint and ethical compass to stay true to its commitment of being a socially responsible corporation. In particular, Delbros aims and strives to align the following SDGs when making decisions on its companies and investments, in no particular order of importance: 1) Sustainable Cities and Communities, 2) Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, 3) Decent Work and Economic Growth, 4) Gender Equality, and 5) Quality Education.

Delbros is aware of the impact that it has on the environment and it is for this reason that the company is actively finding ways to GREEN ITS OPERATIONS, offset its carbon footprint, and come up with innovations and infrastructure to establish more sustainable modes of operations.

Internally, the Group has been consistently promoting a culture of recycling and instilling environmental awareness among its employees, while simultaneously working with partner stakeholders, NGOs, and various organizations to curb its environmental impacts on the external side.

On the business side, Delbros has been ACTIVELY INVESTING IN COMPANIES WITH A SUSTAINABLE APPROACH ON FOOD PRODUCTION such as GOOD GREENS & CO. (the country’s pioneering semi-autonomous, aeroponic, vertical farm) and CANEX (developer of the most advanced and highly mechanized sugarcane tractors available in the market that aims to modernize the country’s sugarcane industry). It is a part of Delbros’ long-term priorities to grow these companies and is aligned with the Group’s effort to strengthen its food production drive and contribute to the country’s overall food security.

In the area of GENDER EQUALITY, Delbros works on maintaining an equal balance of leadership roles between its male and female executives, particularly in its tech holding companies. The Group fosters a professional environment where female employees are comfortable and empowered to speak-up, contribute, and have equal opportunities to lead and advance within the organization.

In the area of CSR, Delbros has been passionately working on improving and contributing to the country’s EDUCATION sector through its long-term partnerships with civic organizations, particularly TEACH FOR THE PHILIPPINES and RENOVATE TO EDUCATE. The Group considers the education sector as one of its major CSR foci and believes that helping shape the minds of future generations is the most important and lasting contribution it can give to the Motherland.

(For complete information on Debros’ CSR initiatives, please visit Impact Ventures.)

In its commitment to aspire and work towards more sustainable and responsible operations, Delbros is open to work with potential partners and is encouraging external stakeholders to get in touch for comments and suggestions on ways ways in which they think the company can do better.