Impact Ventures

We are Committed to Social Responsibility. The Delgado family and our company’s advocacies reflect the values we have chosen to uphold and our commitment to working for something much larger than ourselves – our country. Relief efforts, education, and the preservation of local art and culture (specifically visual arts) are among the major foci of Delbros.

At Delbros, we believe that every successful corporation has a responsibility to use its resources and influence to make a positive impact on the world and its people. Our responsibilities as a global corporate citizen are grounded on our mission and values, which is realized through our specific business practices and operations, and by all our employees and suppliers worldwide.

Our ongoing work in the area of global citizenship is focused on mobilizing our resources in the company. This way, we can create more opportunities in communities around the world, foster economic growth, and serve the public through innovative technologies and partnerships with government, industry, and community organizations.

We also understand that our reputation is a direct reflection of how we live out our corporate values through everyday actions. To realize the success of these values, we believe that constructive engagements with customers, partners, shareholders, governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders is an essential part of helping us identify and manage key issues. This improves our business decision-making processes, helps us to anticipate and respond to the changing expectations of society, and enables us to maintain a broad and balanced perspective about issues affecting our business and society. The way we work with customers, partners, governments, vendors, and communities worldwide is fundamental to our success as a global corporate citizen.

Since 1946, the Delgado family has strongly believed and advocated the role of EDUCATION as the backbone for all meaningful development. From continuously supporting aspiring artists and sculptors, to providing scholarships for high school and college students, education is the common thread that runs through all the company’s contributions to BUILDING A STRONGER NATION. The same principle lies in the heart of DELBROS’ partnerships with the following foundations BOTH IN THE PAST AND IN THE PRESENT.

CSR Contributions over the years 2016-2018
• Total Contributions: Php 26,889,525
• Total Hours Volunteered: 17,831
• CSR Classifications: 10

Some of the Organizations we have a relationship with:

Teach for the Philippines Boy Scouts of the Philippines Ala-ala
Institute of Corporate Directors Makati Business Club American Chamber of Commerce Rotary Club of Makati West